Using Biddy in Visual Studio projects

You can use Biddy library in C and C++ projects.

1. Install Biddy library. (NOTE: figures on this page show an old version of Biddy library and an old version of Visual Studio. The procedure should be very similar with the more recent versions.) slika1.png
2. To use 64-bit biddy.dll in your project you have to change 'Active solution platform' in 'Configuration Manager'. Choose option 'New'. slika2x.png
3. Confirm platform 'x64'. Current settings will be copied. slika3x.png
4. You have to tell Linker where biddy.lib and biddy.dll are located (usually they are in the same folder). slika4x.png
5. You have to tell Compiler where biddy.h is located. slika5x.png
6. You have to set the name of the library which is biddy.lib. slika6x.png
7. If you want to run the program within the Visual Studio environment, you have to add the folder containing biddy.dll into the path. slika7.png
8. Now you are ready to test your first program. slika8.png

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